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Well, it’s got an assembled frame and the gantry is on. Need to make feet for it tomorrow so that I can sit it down nicely without fear of smashing the laser mount.

Did manage to crack one of the screw holes for the lower end of one corner bracket. Will see if it holds down, but based on how tight it’s in there without screws…I imagine it will be fine.

I ended up taking a file and cleaning out a good bit and ramping the “entry” side of the corner bracket lower holes to make things go in. I had to do the same to the Z axis top piece.

Rails are on. Took the bearings, spacer, and fender washer off and backed the bolt out to barely keeping the motor mount on. After cracking that one piece, I got into “f– it” mode and figured it would go together tonight or break in my hands. Most of it stayed together so we’ll see how it goes from there.

Once I get the legs on, will square it up and start running wires and doing some basic movement tests. There’s little catches here and there, mostly I think due to needing to move back and forth and work out any little kinks before a good final tightening down.

If I were to rewrite the instructions, I’d say to wait on the belt tension bearings until the very end and just thread the bolts through until they’re on the rails. Same goes for the corner block top-hole holdown screws. Ended up having to pull them completely out to lift the gray hold-down lever enough to wedge the rail through.

What’s the actual procedure for the Z lock nut? In the middle Z build, it has one putting it on the first pair of triangle things…but on the Z axis it has manually placing the lock nut on the threaded rod.

Tomorrow’s to-do list:

1) Stop whining like a pansy. These are big boy rails and big boy bolts…you aren’t going to break it. It aint held together with m3 screws.

2) Cut the last 4 legs. Not going to buy a pipe cutter for just this last bit, so gonna muscle through it.

3) Mount legs, and get it semi-squared on the table.

Friday will probably be wiring and belting day, and Saturday may be the first laser tests.

Thanks for talking me through it guys. I panicked about the same way putting the X-Carve together. I’m not super handy in the whole “lets build” thing.