Reply To: Anyone using GRBL?



Prerequisites: You are on windows, Arduino is installed and arduino mega are connected to computer. You also know what com port the arduino is connected to.

Step 1 Download GRBL for RAMPS from: or use the attached file. I made edits to match the setup under the “marlin” page here on this site. (I know it says cyclone, but it will work wonderfully with our arduino megas)

Step 2: Extract zip

Step 3 open folder, double click grblForCyclone.ino, it should launch Arduino

Step 4 be sure board and com are configured under Tools menu. (arduino 2560)

Step 5 Upload to ardunio There may be error messages, but as long as you get Uploading Done it should work. If it fails miserably recheck com port selection, reboot computer, curse swear…

Step 6: launch Easel.

I shamelessly used the code with minor edits from: