Reply To: Endstop Wiring.



Hi Steve,
I didn’t know that, as I’m still new to arduino and ramps alike. So what you are saying is that the ramps board is mainly used for something other than cnc. (I see now, it’s made for 3d printing) Are you saying I may be able to fix my set up without the new ramps? The schematic is quite puzzling to me at the moment, I’m still learning.

As for what smoked, I’m unsure. At the time I was more concerned with the sounds and actions my computer was taking as it’s cost is a bit hiring and I use it for other projects. Other than the sizzling and static shock sound it made initially, followed by a burnt smell I haven’t a clue. Is there a way to check and see which component both the board and shield I may have damaged.

I thought I shorted power and ground afterwards, but at the time it happened I panicked and did not really see which I connected to the pins. So many mistakes on my part, especially when it came down to figuring out what I had done wrong.

Thanks for the info and the reply!