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Stickers are a WIP.

Anyone have an easy way to get them off? WD40 no work. Might try wife’s nail polish remover, she says acetone will do it.

Anyway, today’s progress so far:

1. Installed and configured Repetier-Host, and started playing with the Ramps.
2. Didn’t realize that the cool thermistor thing in the wiring kit baggie was required, but did remember the “error” with temp being something about a blog post, re-read it, and found the thing. The one that comes included with base-kit doesn’t seem to have a plug, so that would have sucked. So, thanks for including that in the wiring kit!
3. Wired up all the motors just to verify axis on the boards and see if the motors turned nicely.

Am noticing a slight issue with the Z movement though. Might because I didn’t use any lube on the threaded rod though. Or something in the rails is catching on one of the bearings. But it comes and goes, like it fights through it a little. It’s down to a point where I’m just about at what I expect the optimum focus height for the laser is going to be, and am only planning to go ~3-5mm (3 down, 2 up as a safety height for clamps and such). Will see how it runs on a test piece once I mount the pulleys and run the belting later.

I can’t do much until I bring my table down to the basement to sit the MPCNC on. I’m not going to try mounting the laser on it while laying on a concrete floor with the tool mount a mere inch or two from the ground.

Will undo the wiring, tape up various points where it may come in contact with pipe. And get it back into a somewhat workable order.

Instead of using a fancy drag chain, I’m thinking about using some flex pipe like for a vacuum cleaner or drain pipe and feeding wiring through that. Particularly if I can get some that I can also run through the X/Y pipe for some added security on the wiring.

I’ve seen some videos of MPCNC sitting on a floor with kids sliding it around with ease. Will have to double check all bolt tightness and see, but mine doesn’t just slide like magic yet.

All told, a lot of frustration (this is my 2nd ever “build” of a cnc device, so I’m still a noob)…but I’m happy to see things coming together a bit.

Still hoping I can turn the laser on tomorrow and see some burning!