Reply To: Jagged Diagonals?



I can try loosening some of them. Are you recommending the ones that hold the belt idler bearings on the rollers? If I am testing trying to roll just a bearing by finger, should it spin a little/at all without moving the roller?

My issue with loosening them somewhat is that they’re just naturally kinda tight. Like, I had to thread the bolts through them, so even without a nut on them…they wouldn’t come loose if it wasn’t for needing to hold on the belt idlers.

I’m concerned about one of the bolts from the inner assembly that isn’t reachable by any sort of wrench just due to small spaces after it’s assembled and one of the cross bars being kinda in the way.

Going to double check all the wiring again too. I bought the wiring kit which was a lifesaver as far as time goes. And will check pot voltage too once I get another multi tester tool.

I may undo the belting and see if I hear the same noises with no load on the motors.