Reply To: Jagged Diagonals?



Today’s progress…

I took off the belts and loosened everything on the 4 outside rollers. Things slide pretty well without belts on, so I’m going to leave it like that for a bit.

I put the belts back on a little looser, and tried some jogging from Repetier, and slowly tightened up to where I think things are ok from a belt perspective.

However, I’m able to visibly watch the center assembly shudder while at slow lasing speeds (Under ~150mm/min).

I just took the whole center assembly off and did some temp wiring to see if I can get the rollers to run ok without the weight of the inner conduit and Z assembly. If things go smooth, I’m going to put just the rails on, and see how it moves from there.

I need to get a better multi test meter before I can check any of the pots values at this point, so I’m just doing basic mechanicals.

Will see how it goes.