Reply To: 1 Driver per stepper


Aren Hibbing

Ah, Thank you for the quick response. I only plan on using this machine for cnc milling (Wood, Aluminium, plexi) But I see what you are saying in regards to the 12v vs 4v, I did not realize they were rated in such a way.

The only reason I brought it up was because I was looking at adding another extruder to my printer, but because of my setup (extruder #2 being second z axis) it would be difficult unless I used a board which allows for more than 2 extruder’s. I stumbled across a few people having the problem of doubling up their z axis on a single driver and causing heating problems and more stuttering due to lack of current.

I am not using a stepper larger than 59nm/2A so if what you say holds true than I should not encounter these problems, But seeing as the expansion boards are about 3$ if I did decide to try and go the route it won’t break the project financially for me 🙂

Thanks again

P.S. Awesome build, I am having a lot of fun so far. I really enjoy the ingenuity and creativity. This thing is bad sally and I can’t wait till she is up and running 🙂