Reply To: Jagged Diagonals?



All 4 motors give a little “pulse” when putting a single finger on the pulley/shaft when going at slow steps (75mm/m). So either I’ve got 4 bum motors, or it’s more normal than we think.

I resquared everything, Re-belted, and tightened down things that were loose (motor mounts etc).

The only major thing I did was on the trouble axis I just switched which plug was connected to each end which reversed my X. My pot on the “trouble” axis reads .68/.69, so I think I’m right at good there. I can’t seem to find .7 exactly but I don’t know how much 1/100 of a volt will hurt.

Don’t know what seemed to do it, but things are getting there. A test diagonal today was MUCH better than the other day.
I need to get a “real” table. Right now my table isn’t perfect and wiggles a bit during rapids when the motors whirl up and then come to a stop. That doesn’t affect the feed rate @ 75mm/m nearly as much as running some 4000mm/m or more during rapids.

But another thing I just need to tighten up and make 100% perfect.

I think another issue is going to be smoke and probably doing an air-assist or at least getting the laser mount it’s own fan. I don’t know why I didn’t include that when I bought, but will end up finding a small fan and maybe printing an air assist mount down the line. Having even a small fan blowing onto the workpiece seemed to help a little.

Going to do some further test objects as I get things dialed in to precisely how I need it.