Reply To: Jagged Diagonals?



I think it’s getting MUCH better. That one little leg on the left that looks a little light marked was not having the fan pointed towards the workspace and smoke issues.

I think a good part of the issues was just getting everything properly squared, belts and bolts to the right tightness, some smoke work…and removing Inkscape and the JTECH plugin from the equation.

I can go into it another time, probably as I start talking more about using laser with MPCNC…but the generated JTECH gcode was really wonky. I think it was designed specifically for their version of GRBL. At some point, I may replace the board with a more GRBL ready one like the X-Carve per another user’s suggested…or just build another one and buy the printer head and proper mount (why oh why did I select the router tool mount when I own a CNC machine with a router?!?!??!?!) so I can print parts for the second machine.

What do you guys think? Does it look ready for action now?