Reply To: End travel limit switches



Hi Richard,

I’ve used the Auto Home function on the LCD screen – is that what you’re talking about? If so, here’s how it works for me:

1. I have the x and y endstops connected to the appropriate pins on the ramps board. The switches themselves are mounted on clamps that can be easily moved. If I need to move and then replace them, I mark their location in pencil on the conduit.
2. I have two wires connected to the appropriate pins for the z endstop. One wire terminates in an alligator clip, the other wire is connected to a small spatula. I clip the alligator clip to the bit on the DW660, and hold the spatula flat against the work surface in the approximate location of the x,y zero point. There are pics of the spatula and alligator clip on my build thread.
3. When I select Auto Home from the menu, the x and y axes go to their endstops, and then the z drops until the tip of the tool touches the spatula and stops.
4. The spatula is .8 mm thick, so I manually move the tool down to -.8 (using the LCD) and then select Set Home Offsets from the menu. That resets the zero to the work surface height. I believe there is a way to set this in the firmware, but haven’t messed with it. I just do it manually.

I didn’t have to do any special setup for touch plate to work. As long as your axes are all going the right way, and your wires on the correct pins for the endstop (min or max), it should work, if you’re using the firmware Ryan provided.

Does that help?