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I like the idea of having a single thread dedicated to lasers, particularly the JTechPhotonics, which most people seem to be using. I ordered mine on Christmas eve. I expect I’ll see it sometime next week. It has to come from Houston all the way to Austin LOL. I will repost my questions from the previous thread, since they haven’t been answered yet, and this thread is where people will probably look for them.

How do I get started generating code to drive the laser? Ryan mentioned using ESTLCAM, which I use for carving already. Do I need to modify the resulting gcode to make it work with the laser? Also, do I need to make changes to Marlin to incorporate the laser? Does the laser come with a wiring diagram of how to connect it to the ramps for control?

Curt – what is the inkscape extension you mentioned? I use inkscape, though I usually export to DXF and then bring that in to ESTLCAM for carving. What does the extension do?