Reply To: End travel limit switches



Thank you Vicious and Karl for the feedback. At this time, none of the endstop-MAX switches appear to be recognized. I”m by no means any expert, but I’ll dive into the configuration.h file and see if I can find the endosotp enable setting if they are not already set. I finished my build last night except for a motor speed control (fan switch). I’m still unsure about my drivers being set correctly, so I’ll run through those procedures another time or two. After that, I’ll need to dig up a PC and get a copy of ESTLcam. For the record, I’m a complete Apple fanatic, so getting a PC to work may be harder than building the CNC…

Thank you again. I’ll see if I can get a post up this evening in the build area with some progress photos and hopefully a shot of it making some sawdust.