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Sorry if my questions sounded like criticism – nothing less than that is intended! A good design just triggers my mind to start thinking of extensions, alterations, modifications…

I actually started building your machine, as told somewhere else (@thingiverse). Just now I am printing the second part – I started with the cornerblock locks. The first one matches the tube in an almost gas-tight manner. Printing on my (also heavily modified) OrdBot. Slowly but precisely, .35mm nozzle, 0.2mm layers, E3DV6 – the lock alone needs almost 5 hours, but the result is fine. Very well designed for printability!

And nope, I don’t expect too much from your design, in contrary, I am positively impressed by the reduction to the essentials that make this possible. For the 0.01mm job, I have a small MF70 (Proxxon). The next machines are planned and being assembled already, slowly and stepwise. and this one fills a wide gap between the two ends of the spectrum.

I’ll surely report on my results!

(wrote this the second time this morning, Firefox decided to stall immediately before I hit the send button…)