Reply To: End travel limit switches



I did not get the boards from you. I have build the entire system from scratch including ordering and using my own parts. I have verified my limit switches by switching them and moving in the opposite direction until they stop. I’m now confident in my motors and end stops. I’ve moved onto trying to get ESTLcam working with a PC and I have spent nearly four nights getting no where. I have been able to download the Pronterface for PC and been able to replicate the motor and end stop functions. I am thinking I have the wrong script because I can’t correctly connect with ESTLcam.

Question, in the ESTLcam download and instructions, it tries to download or install an INF file to the Arduino. This file is labels as UNO. I have a MEGA, should I be trying a different file or is this file board agnostic?

Is there anyplace I can get your script? Are there more detailed instructions for setting up the ESTLcam software and getting it to connect with the PC?

I appreciate any and all help. The past few days have been maddening; it’s like owning a Ferrari and not having the key…