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I did my best to price it as fair as possible while still making it worth my time. I buy in large quantities to get better deals and do my best to offer what I feel is a great price for everyone.

The z axis isn’t really the weak link its just the most effected by distance. make it as short as practical, and always mount the material to be cut right under the center gantry. I actually have a new 660 mount ready I just need to test it but the machines are backlogged with printing. The new mount should increase rigidity a bit by raising the tool as high as possible, 20mm higher if I remember right. You’ll really only notice these tweaks when milling aluminum, everything else is a piece of cake.

Yup fairly easy to scale just leave extra stepper wire room. I would make the x and y as big as you think you will need. making it smaller would only really allow slightly faster cut times. Only important if you are doing production with it.

A big nozzle might have a tough time with some of the 40+ degree overhangs, maybe not.

$700?? Just over $500, right?

Thanks for the compliments