Reply To: Up and running!



Quick update. No milling yet, but spill board is complete!

Started with 2x sheets of 900 * 600 * 16 mm MDF

Basic layout of insets and through bolts.

Pattern on board. I used the same pattern to place the screws to clamp the board together while the glue set

Great glue for wood working if anyone is looking for some. Easily the best I have used. Waterproof and food safe to boot!

Screwed and weighted while glue sets over night.

Holes drilled for inserts and through bolts. I also at this stage sealed the back side, the edges and the through holes with a 50/50 mix of the PVA glue and water. Its horribly humid here for most of the year, so I wanted to minimize the chance of water ingress.

Inserts in.

Six of these hold the spill board to the table (M8 * 60mm Stainless)

Spill board in place. Happy days 🙂

Sorry for the Google Drive links, but it was heaps easier than re sizing all the files and then having to post twice because there is a limit of 4 files per post.

Wish me luck tomorrow for the first proper milling attempt. Should be fun!