Reply To: Up and running!



Quick update.

Spill board successfuly decked! I was lucky and only needed 3 passes @.5mm to get the usable area (800mm*600mm) true.

Apart from a frustrating few minutes getting to grips with estlcam (I used a 3d model of my spill board to generate g code, probably the wrong way of going about it, but still learning these things) it did my head in until I realised what I was doing wrong.

It really is a brilliant piece of software, but the documentation is pretty vague. It was a great learning experience though. And now I feel much more comfortable using it.

Sorry no video, my camera had a flat battery 🙁 but I’ll post up a couple of pics soon.

Next up, I’m going to mill some pieces of 3mm ply to construct a permanent enclosure for my electronics and PSU. One because MDF dust is horrid! And two because active cooling the drivers is critical. They get very warm, very quickly otherwise. I now have a small fan zip tied “ghetto” style to keep them cool. Function? Yes. Pretty? Nope.

The fusion 360 design is almost complete. Again slow going as I am still learning the software, but I really like fusion 360. The documentation and tutorials are amazing. Makes learning to use it a joy.