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I finished getting the MPCNC built and operating. I still have concerns about the drivers being set right. This may be due to the motors or drivers being from china? Iโ€™ll keep reading the posts and either get these right or I make order some new motors and drivers from a more reputable source.

They are all from china. See this post from this morning,
Are you using my parts or did you source your own?
pololu vid here –

I built this using a mix of different design aspects from different builders. I have some ideas for future improvements.

Best to try the build as recommended. Hard to make improvements before you have used it, or used it as the designer recommends.

Right now, my biggest problem is the ESTLcam software. I canโ€™t seem to get a tool path that makes sense. I ran my first part using foam and the tool (DeWalt DW660) was all over the place. It appeared to be cutting a part much bigger (perhaps 4x) that my test part.

Tutorial –

Could I ask a favor of any other helpful member, could anybody upload a tool path (.NC) file that I can load and try running. A small part, perhaps 100mm X 100mm. This will let me upload it into Repetier and see if I have anything else causing my problems. If someone could do this, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Test file linked at the end of the previous tutorial.

I still have a few more details to polish off for the completed built. Need to add in 2 more drag chains, clean up my power supply and wiring and get a nice box for the power supply and electronics.

Iโ€™ll post more pictures of the full build after I get this running.