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I do like the alternative block and i did not try the originals one first. When I decided to try to build the CNC, I searched around and found many different inputs. This one from Vicious made the most sense so I looked for as much input as I could. On the newer, alternative, corner block, I decided to give it a try because I liked the idea of being able to add in the limit switches and more importantly, have some adjustment for the GT2 belts. As it worked out, the limit switches are needed out a few inches from the corners so they were a wash. For the belt tensioners, they didn’t work from the downloaded files. I took some time and was able to fix them and made the a little better to allow for wing nuts to be used. This will allow me to add a 1/4 turn from time to time if the belts stretch any. For the corner blocks, I would think my strongest advise would be to use 5 perimeters in case you need to work with hardware. I would also strongly suggest that you fine the correct hardware before you print the block. If you use the downloaded files, you’ll need to find an M8X100 (i think it was M8, maybe M6) but either way, a unicorn in hardware unless your in the UK. I switched to an English thread and used a 1/4-20 X 4 inches long stainless bolt. This meant I needed to drill our a bit of the hole which made me happy that I had the extra perimeters.

Can you add a little more clarity to your comment “the right firmware settings are used in the setup screen”. I’m not using ESTLcam to drive my controller. I only use it to generate the needed tool path. My problem is experience. I”m not an engineer or a machinist but I have a strong desire to learn. Any other comments or suggestions will be graciously accepted.

For my drivers, my problem is that I don’t have data sheets for the Nema17 motors. I can assume that there are very similar to other Nema17’s but with different manufacturers building at different quality levels, the fact is that I may have cheap motors. This isn’t as huge a problem as my need to learn ESTLcam. I can get new motors in a day or two but may not have to. Vicious shared his test file (it was actually already in a forum post) that I tried. The machine ran like a champ.

I still want to do a little more clean up to finish the first revision. Finish the Power supply, add the drag chain and hopefully add in a vacuum system. then after I get stronger with the CAM work, I’ve already made a list of other ideas for improvements, but that’s me getting ahead of my self for now.

Thank you for the reply, I appreciated the chance to provide some feedback to the forum where others have already been helpful to me. 🙂