Reply To: Up and running!



Thanks mate.

I was watching the machine closely to see if I could notice any rough/uneven movement and it seemed (by eye) to be butter smooth. I think I’ll try the same file again but reduce the feedrate to see if I can get a cleaner finish, and maybe generate some different versions of the g file to see if estlcam settings affect anything. I haven’t even started playing with settings or feedrates at all so I think still some scope for improvement. Not to mention the bit used was pretty cheap and nasty.

I’ll measure the height of the gantry relative to the work piece and let you know, rather than hazard a guess. Pretty close though. I have the legs set pretty short currently to minimise this distance.

As far as the logo goes, I like the current one. A bit cheeky/whimsical, and let’s be honest, what’s life without a little whimsy ;-). That being said from a professional/commercial standpoint the corporate one might be a better option. Personally I say to hell with conformity but, perhaps make both available for sample and put it to a community poll?