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Height of gantry relative to work piece approx 100mm (measured from bottom of ‘middle’ assembly)

Also. Small issue I was hoping for some advise about.

I was playing around with the machine (just moving along axis at different speeds and testing travel limits) as I noticed the belts walking around on the bearings on the roller F’s. Depending on the position of the gantry the belts are trying to walk off the stepper pulleys (if that makes sense?). Only seems to be an issue on long travels. For small back and forth movements the belts tend to centralize.

I was thinking of installing a second panel washer (the big ones) on the inside of the bearing to act as a guide. Do you think this should work. What other solutions are there to the belts “walking” like this? I tried re-positioning the pulleys on the steppers but it didn’t really help.