Reply To: Australian tube options



Awesome! Good to hear. Thanks for the heads up mate. Sound like the build is coming together nicely. Great advise there for others who are starting their builds.

I ended up using a combination of stainless (I already purchased a 6m length after all) and the alloy that I linked. In the end I used stainless for the frame, and for the gantry. I had intended on using alloy for the gantry as it was much easier to push into the ‘middle’ assembly, but after some experimentation I opted for the stainless. It was tight to force into the middle assembly, but that extra tension made the completed gantry much stiffer, and only added a small amount of extra drag to the movement of the x and y axis.

For the z axis I used the alloy because I was still having clearance issues, it was lighter and I saw so difference in stiffness with the larger stainless tube. I am planning another smaller MPCNC for alloy, and intend on using the left over alloy tube for that. I’m also printing the next machine in Taubmans 910 alloy filament for additional strength/rigidity. Apparently there is a small about of shrinkage to take into account with this filament so I’m hoping the slightly smaller od tube will help there.