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Similar to Alan, I have my J Tech driver near my LCD (I have not figured out a good mount for it yet on the Minion case). I used an old plug set from a R/C receiver battery to allow me to disconnect the J Tech driver from my ramps board as needed.
The piclaser works fine with the setup from Vicious. You do not need to buy any more hardware. There are some good videos linked to the J Tech site to walk you through the set up but basically (like Alan stated) you will use the M106 S and M107 commands when connected to the D9 terminals. I bought the license for PicLaser and I am planning on buying the laser etch software also. Test both demos first but know that they limit the size of image in the demo but will show you what they can do.
I have been working on a remodel project in the house so I have not been able to play much with the CNC.