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All told, that’s bad ass.

I didn’t bother drilling my Z and putting in the nut trap stuff because I used a mount that clamped on the outside of the pipes. Would require me to disassemble some stuff to drill those holes if I wanted to redo it for something like this.

But, it does give me some ideas to remix some sort of multi-tool holder that uses outside clamps instead of the Z nut trap. Though, I’d need to find a clamped tool holder to fit a 3d head just be able to then print a new design, which doesn’t make much sense. ­čÖé

I’m thinking though, that it would be nice to have both a printer head AND laser on a single mount, with one of the tools just offset a little. I built a pretty big rig (some 24″ x 36″ or so)…mostly for the laser to be able to engrave on 12″x24″ sheets with some room to spare.

I’d likely never need that much room for a print head, so if it was offset and not able to use the ENTIRE area, that wouldn’t be a major problem. I’d likely not find a heated bed for the full size anyway, at least not in affordable form.

The reason I’m not all too interested in the interchangeable mount bit is precisely some issues like you said of wiring. I’d hate to have to constantly be unplugging wires and hiding the connectors out of the way to change tools. But having 2 tools on permanently, that’s just a little extra wire. I ran my laser wire up through one of the Z pipes anyway, so I have a second pipe to run wiring through if I don’t want to confuse anything…

Now my brain is flooding with ideas that I don’t have the skill to do. I’m thinking of some sort of awesome “stacked” mount where the laser sits above a printer head, then can basically fold down on a hinged mount to be even height but offset of the printer when I need to use the laser.

Or maybe just printer in the front, laser in the rear? (that sounds more dirty than intended).

I’d have to measure available Z height on the back side of the axis to see if there would be enough clearance there pending how high I’d need Z travel to print.

ideas ideas ideas…