Reply To: Up and running!



Hi again. Quick update.

Couple of quick videos. First one is of my MPCNC decking a small waste board I setup to get the working plane closer to the gantry. Its now only about 70mm away.The cut is rather deep, approximately 2.5mm. Much deeper than I would normally attempt, but there were reasons (namely I stuffed up half way through a previous cut). The machine seemed to handle it quite well. No chatter and the finish was as consistent as my shallower cuts were. Bit was 1/2″ flat twin flute, feed rate was 1200mm/minute.

Second one is rather boring honestly, its the last portion of cutting out a test panel of the electronics enclosure I’m putting together. The final enclosure will be out of high quality 3mm ply. The test panels are just cheap mdf to check for fit and finish.

This is a quick render of the enclosure I’m halfway through designing. Haven’t settled on a design for the top, or finalized the interior layout yet. But this gives you a rough idea.

The finished piece after a quick clean up with an soft sanding block.

There is a 1.5mm * 1.5mm step at each end, so the walls lock together.

There was some inaccuracy in the slots. The machine seems to flex on vector changes (I’m thinking causes by the weight of the Makita Router) so for my final cuts in the ply I’ll decrease my feed rates to maybe 800mm/minute or even 600mm/minute?. Question for the more experienced users out there. Are there any acceleration/deceleration settings that I could tweak as well?

Over all though, I quite happy with how the machine is performing. Looking forward to spending some more time learning and experimenting.