Reply To: New Universal Mounting System




I started playing with these tips this morning… I think they’ll be fine though I’m scrambling a bit to find the quickest/easiest way to mount it on the new QR foam cutter platform.

I have discovered that the 0.035″ hole through the tip… isn’t. It’s a hole sized for 0.035″ mig-wire… about 0.042″ AFAICT So just for grins I ran out and bought a card of 0.025″ tips to play with as well… I figured I can always bore/ream out material if necessary. Also, the 1/4″x 20 threads… aren’t. It appears the threads are metric… M6 x 1. I was just contemplating ordering a M6 x 1 tap set for threading the plastic on future foam cutter platforms but I could probably just as easily start a 1/4″ x 20 tap for a thread or three and then start the tip’s threads and tighten it up. The taps might be a good thing to have though eventually so will probably order a set off of ebay or amazon..

I’m still using the 0.025″ music-wire because I have it, it’s high-quality, and it’s straight. But I have also used 0.025″ MIG-wire in the past… I’ve usually “twist-straightened” it for needle and push-rod use and it does fine. I started using the music-wire almost exclusively during foam cutter development because I wanted to use what most people will have access to and be willing to buy… a spool of MIG-wire is a bit expensive to buy for just a couple of feet of wire. — David