Reply To: I need some initial help


Filipe Campos

more questions…

In my zone the unique tube i found is stainless steel 25mm diametre and 2mm thickness, this is an valid option?
I found too 25mm aluminium tube of 1mm thickness, is half the price of the stainless steel but i think it will be too weak.

Other question about the router. I found the router called makita rt0700c for 139€.
Is was 710W power, soft start, variable speed, this is an good router to mill aluminium?
The router support 6mm and 8mm collets, i never worked with an cnc before and i need some help to buy the “cutting tools” that are put on the 6/8mm collect (I do not know the name in English…) I really like to have some tips to know what i need to buy. I pretend to buy the necessary tools to cut and mill wood and aluminium.