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Just have to let you know that I am elated, enthusiastic, thrilled by the first parts that I printed. I started with the corner connectors, they match the 25mm polished stainless steel tubes almost gas-tight. Today, I put together the first two rollers, mounted the bearings, threaded the zwo rollers onto a tube, just as a test – and couldn’t believe how absolutely well they fit, how tight their position on the tube is held, yet how easily they move along. That is so much better than I expected – wow! The next roller is printing over night. Not too far from now, I’ll hopefully assemble the rest.

All ordered parts have arrived. Due to my good experience with linuxcnc, I’ll put together a simple controller consisting of one 8825 per stepper, some digital glue for the various endstop switches, and an old PC saved up for applications like this.

Thanks to Allted / Vicious1 for this design! Fun to follow your ideas. And yes, I’ll make my own aluminium motor mounts, maybe stepwise and iterated.

And a happy new year to all of you!