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Sorry guys. My old laptop is slow as molasses and needed a bunch of windows updates. I decided to play xbox to kill time and kill time I did:) I just finished the code mods. Karl, I went ahead and added the G1 codes before the coordinate moves but I don’t think the white space is necessary. Please test and if this doesn’t work I’ll add the whitespace in too. Good luck all! Keep me posted.
The generated code will look like this:
M106 S0

G1 X0Y0 M106 S186
G1 X0.18 M106 S185
G1 X0Y0.18 M106 S184
G1 Y0.36 M106 S182
G1 X0.18Y0.18 M106 S181
G1 X0.36Y0 M106 S180
G1 X0.54
G1 X0.36Y0.18 M106 S178
G1 X0.18Y0.36 M106 S179
G1 X0Y0.54 M106 S180
G1 Y0.72 M106 S179
G1 X0.18Y0.54 M106 S177
G1 X0.36Y0.36
G1 X0.54Y0.18 M106 S176
G1 X0.72Y0 M106 S177

Vicious1: Hope you don’t mind the file attachment. It’s open source GNU license.