Reply To: Received my Parts



Ok, I got back from leave and went out yesterday morning to go and buy some 25mm conduit and started the assembly. Thank you very much for the good write up – did not have any issues but still need to do some fine tuning.

Still need to print the feet but I am out of plastic and first need to order some as for Namibia does not stock locally 🙁
Just for testing I added a laser diode that I scrounged out of a DVD writer with a custom build driver and hooked the RAMPS controller to a Raspberry Pi running Repetier-Server and did my first test run. All good although in Mirror image but hey, that was the first test run 🙂

The end mill will be a Makita RTO700C as for this is all I can get here. Will only be able to hook it up in about a months time 🙁

Thank again for the great product!!!