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Thanks for the code clip Karl. You’re right, with all the newline and whitespace requirements it would definitely require regex to parse through a gcode file. I didn’t realize Marlin was so picky about whitespace and newlines. Most interpreters ignore it because all the extra whitespace adds up to more bandwidth when transferring files but it does look cleaner.

The changes you need were a little tougher to make and I had to create a new function to handle the gcode and mcodes separately. I think it works ok and I did a quick test with both the horizontal and diagonal scanning options as well as the outline option .The resulting code looks like what you posted. I changed the title bar to call this an MPCNC-Jtech mod because I don’t want the original author getting hassled over any bugs that I may have introduced.

Please test and let’s follow up for everyone’s benefit. I’m happy to be a part of this….let’s burn something now!