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The image2gcode picture came out better than I ever expected – very nice, indeed! The black and white logo, which I did with Laser Etch, is over-burned. I’m not sure what I need to tweak to fix it, yet. Lower power and/or faster speed, I imagine.

All in all, I am very happy with my initial burns. I will edit some video and put it up later, but for now here are some pics:

Laser tool on MPCNC
Here’s the laser on its quick release mount with the target line lasers, cooling fan and terminal board for prototyping the connections.

Laser driver and wiring
The whole thing’s a bit of a mess, until I get the bugs worked out and then I can wire it up properly.

Lasing a picture
Here it is, lasing its first picture.

Finished picture burn
This was the first try ever at burning a picture – came out great! I used Leo’s modified version of image2gcode. Highly recommended! Thanks, Leo!

This is the same logo I’ve cut multiple times with a router at different sizes. Something is wrong with this burn. I’ll try speeding it up and see what happens.