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Dave C.

Well, I got more work done on assembling my MPCNC as well as my first big screw up.

First, my son and I got the majority of the pipe cut for the frame. He was so excited to see what it looked like that I put the frame together for him. Had some issues getting some of the pipe to fit into the corner blocks as they were quite the tight fit. However, managed to “coerce” them into place.

And now the screw up. In tightening the lower corner blocks up this evening, I managed to split the screw hole on one and possibly a second. I was being quite careful in tightening the screws, I would turn one a couple times and then the other in order to get a more even compression of the pipe.

Not really sure what I can do at this point. Will cyanoacrylate work to secure the parts? My 3D printer isn’t able to print at the moment so making a couple new ones are not an option. Will the break have any adverse affect on the performance of the MPCNC? the pipe is already rather tight fitting so I do not think it will come loose.