Reply To: Received my Parts



Sadly I had to discover today that moving the X and Y manually by hand while all is powered on but steppers are in sleep mode, you blow your arduino 🙁

I was busy aliening the frame and moved the X and Y by hand and then I smelled smoke 🙁 was not quick enough to catch all the smoke and try to get in back into the IC …. so now I need to order a new one 🙁 . Unfortunately one does not get anything here locally so I will order a new one including the LCD as for last time they were out of stock when I ordered my kit in about 3 days.

Just for interest sake, I know that stepper motors do generate power when turned and this is why I am kind upset to why I did move the X and Y while power on, but is it also safe to move them by hand while powered off or should one disconnect the stepper cables totally ?