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I’m having a hard time getting my laser focused. The setup guide says to turn down the laser output at the driver until the focus point is just bright enough to see, focus it, then turn the power back up to operating level. I’m sure this works, but really, I’m going to want to refocus each time I have a new work piece under the laser, and their method is too cumbersome.

What I would rather do is use M106 to turn on the laser at a low power level so I can focus it whenever I want. I tried doing this by creating several files similar to this one:

M106 S10
M106 S00

The idea here is bring the laser up at a given level and pause, then after focusing, resume the burn and the laser turns off. What’s happening, though, is that either the laser blinks on and off and that’s it, or the laser comes on at the specified level and stays on, but the file just ends, so there’s no resuming and turning off the laser. I also have tried as laser off file, with both M106 S00 and M107 commands, but running it doesn’t turn off the laser.

So anyway, I’m able to turn the laser on at low power and focus it, and get it to turn off, which is what I wanted, but does anyone know why my files do not act as I expect?

I’m running the files off an SD card and LCD.