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It would be nice if you sold –

1. Woven plastic cable protector, possibly by the foot.

-I have a 100′ spool right now, I was unsure if I should sell it, guess I should.

2. Drag chain by the foot

-I don’t feel I could offer better price than anywhere else online.

3. Extruder wiring kit

-Hard to do, I don’t want to make custom sizes for different size builds. This can just be extended with the wire I sell, that’s what I use. Custom connectors are expensive and prone to failure. I worked at a company and we chased connection issues for months. Terminal block would work, I could make a printable part.

4. Complete extruder kit (extruder, wiring kit, driver, extra fan as one item)

-Wouldn’t change the price. Most fan sales are multiples not singles.

5. Packs of four (or more) of each screw, bolt, washer, and nut

-Hardware store would be a better option. The time it would take to count, bag, and pack this would increase to cost significantly. I do my best to do things efficiently. If I did this I would have to do inventory for each batch, time costs money. Right now I buy in exact quantities and bag them all in one sitting.

6. Replacement power supply for RAMPS

-Sure, But I couldn’t offer a better price than anywhere else. I do have 3 power supply options in stock but have not implemented it into the shopping cart software as a bundle option.

7. Extruder nozzles and barrels

-I’ll order some.

8. Extruder Teflon tubing and push connect attachment for filament

-I am strongly against bowden tubes.

Basically all the machine parts a la carte,

-Maybe If I had some employees to help, inventory nightmare.
improved part support for the extruder,

and the parts that put money into others folks pocket instead of yours. ?
-Is this meant to be offensive? Am I misunderstanding this?