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The laser driver is set to 1.8 amps, which translates to 2.3w at the laser (based on JTP saying that 1.7 amps is 2.2w). By the way, I intend to add a couple of test jacks and a switch that will disconnect the laser and connect the test jacks to the driver output to make it easier to set the amperage next time.

I’m only doing one pass at the moment. Other materials might require more. I haven’t tried cutting yet, but I bought a sheet of the laser shield, and I’m going to laser cut a piece to attach to my laser mount.

LaserEtch Settings:
LaserEtch settings

So my speed for laser etching these plaques was 800 mm/min. When I did the pictures earlier, using image2gcode, they were going at 1000 mm/min, I think.