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@Bryan I have a black Maglite flashlight that I can try but not until I move my laser to the MPCNC.

@karl, Do the line lasers on your mount really help that much? I think they look really cool but I probably wouldn’t use them much when I can just turn the beam on at really low power for a more precise aiming spot right? I’m just asking because I’m designing my laser mount for my MPCNC and trying to decide what’s most important as far as design intent goes. I think I want an easily removable shroud because my gear is in the garage and there’s lot of unpredictable traffic there so I don’t want anyone being exposed to the laser reflection unexpectedly. I also think I’m shying away from the interchangeable mounts because I have dust collection hooked up and it seems like too much trouble. I might attach to the Z-Axis pipe and have a quick-release mount there so I won’t have to touch my router at all to add/remove the laser. Any thoughts anyone?