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This is kinda where I’m at now. My requirements…hopefully will be fulfilled .

1) Dusty environment so needs to be completely and quickly removable for safe storage.
2) Light shroud to protect surprise visitors to high traffic area.
3) Doesn’t take away from X/Y/Z/ axis travel.
4) Electrical connections need to be clean, secure, and easily undone.

I’m gonna print it now and see how it looks and fits. There is very little weight to support and practically zero lateral forces so I’m hoping the tapered dovetail and embedded magnets will be enough to secure it without screws but I really don’t know. The clamp will remain permanently attached to the very end of the Z axis conduit and the laser should sit right next to my router. I’ll let you know after I get it all hooked up and tested but I’m now realizing my USB motion controller/Mach3 setup only has 10V adc output for a VFD spindle setup so I need to see if a simple voltage divider circuit will get it working for me.