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I have used the same photo and created gcode for both. My first impression is the I2G is cleaner code. The P2L does not add the spaces between lines and the “s” is lower case. The I2G sets the laser value in whole units (i.e. M106 s110) and in the P2L software it is a finer setting (i.e. M106 s110.3333). The lengths are I2G 831,106 lines vs P2L 2,238,620 which leads me to believe that the P2L will be more detailed. Also, bit images should end up about the same size (according to the software stated output image size)
I used to use Ultra edit a lot and it had a great compare function where you could have both codes side by side and synchronize the scrolls. Does anyone know how to do this in notepad++?
I will find time later to burn both images and share the results.