Reply To: Ellipsis instead of circle


Gianluca Magnani

Thank you Ryan for your quick reply.
I forgot to mention some important things…

– I printed all the parts with my printer
– I printed the IE version, my conduit measures 24,95 mm
– I had to scale middle joiners, middle ends and rollers at 98%. I didn’t scale the better middle Z, beacause the first print made at 100% scale seemed to fit correcly with bearings and tube.
– I used bearings from banggood: low price but not great quality I think… they are not very sliding… my bearings

I assembled the center real tight, maybe I have to scale at 98% also the better middle Z to have congruency with the other middle parts? In fact it makes a lot of sense…

From your last sentence I argue that the play in the x and y axes is a common issue… is it so?

I made 3 short video to show you the beahavior of my x axis… pardon the darkness, I had to take them with hurry this mornig before going to work:

x axis play part 1
x axis play part 2
x axis play part 3

Anyway, as soon as possible, I will make a new try aligning the axes before starting. If I’ll get a real circle I’ll be quite satisfied…

Let me know what you think about reprinting the middle z at 98% and if the beahavior shown in the videos is acceptable or not…

Thank you very much!!!