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Dave C.

I finally got the holes drilled in the z tower pipes and now I am pretty much all assembled. Of course, the “final assembly” did not happen without its issues. When I went to remove the middle assembly so I could attach the Z-axis, I noticed a crack in one of the parts.

Well, I decided to use some super glue reinforced by some Steel putty to hold its strength.

It isn’t pretty, but it’s functional. And to be honest, I don’t remember tightening those screws that much. I try to keep things snug and not “put the uglies on it” as my wife would say. Worst case is I print up some replacement parts as needed. I am planning on printing and adding a vacuum holder to the CNC anyways.

Okay, now onto the good stuff. I got the Z-Axis installed as well as the motors mounted and the belts installed. I used the belt clamps from GeoDave to secure the belts on so I can easily tension the belts as needed. I also left a good bit extra on the various belts for added sanity in the event further tensioning is needed.

I also managed to get the X & Y motors wired up and attempted to get them moving via the RAMPs . Well, that was a huge flop as my laptop would not fully install the drivers needed to talk to the RAMPs . However, I managed to figure out the issue this morning and I can connect to the RAMPs just fine now. I will reconnect the motors later tonight and give it a test run.