Reply To: Ellipsis instead of circle


Gianluca Magnani

Hi Filipe,
could you post a picture of the point where you “removed some pla that make the curve that not allow the bearing to touch the pla”?

My problem cannot be solved pressing “more inside” the bearings, my problem was the opposite, I had the bearings not touching the tube. So I had to scale down the size of some pieces.

It will be no problem to configure the firmware to give electricity to all motors continuously. That was may guess for a solution.

I’m also quite sure I don’t have any missing step, first of all I checked very carefully the vref on my drivers, then I’m quite shure in case of missing step I should not obtai an ellipsis but an open curve… similarly at what happens on a 3d printer that produces slided layers.

I’m sure that all of my corners are 90 degree, the diagonals measures exactly the same. My axes, as I wrote, may not always be perpendicular due tu the play in the rollers.