Reply To: Analog buttons for machine control



Hi Leo. I’m glad to hear your mod for g and n filenames worked – I plan to do it soon.

Controlling axis movement, laser power, and touch plate are my main goals for analog controls. Maybe a button to set zero offsets. Sounds like we are on the same page as far as what we want. I think you are much better equipped to actually accomplish it, though.

I don’t really care if there is a display (I have the smart LCD already), or whether it’s a wired pendant, wireless pendant, or just a mounted control board. My main desire is to have my most commonly needed functions available at a single button push, instead of scrolling through menus on the LCD.

I will see what I can find about multiplexer circuits. The project I linked to in the original post had 24 functions, plus power on/off, which would be plenty for my needs.

Let me know what I can do to help. Do we want to start by documenting our requirements?