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Thanks for the reply.

Got caught up with some other stuff for a bit but I got my filament for this project today. I did a corner block with a .8mm nozzle @ .4 layer height and 50mm/s, came out reasonably well. The top fillet on the half circle is pretty sloppy but I don’t think it will affect fit. The 45 degree overhangs came out very clean so it can do a good job up to there and a bit further at least. The thin outer parts for the nuts/bolts are pretty ugly too, not enough cooling? I struggle with thin parts like that. On the bright side it seems crazy strong and I was able to print it in just over a hour vs the 5 spec’d in the BOM. Since I’m using S3D I will try using multiple processes to slow or otherwise modify down the layers where I’m having problems. If I can get good prints with such large extrusions I should be in business in no time! I should probably order your kit soon…

Re: $700, rough number including printer/cnc and the various accessories they entail. Probably a little on the low end, thinking about it more. I will have to build a new bench (in my dining room LOL, apartment life) I need tooling for the mill, an enclosure and shop vac + eventually a way to pipe exhaust outside so I can cut CF safely.

Edit: Photo too large to attach

corner block