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I’m getting .135″/3.44mm vertically and .14″/3.6mm horizontally. They definitely don’t look good but I figure I can drill ’em out a little if I need to, they shouldn’t need to be torqued that hard. I only used 2 perimeters but my extrusion width is typically around 1mm so that should compensate. There is also a horizontal size compensation feature that could be useful depending on hole orientation. Never used it before so I can’t comment. Looking at my top layer it looks like I was overextruding a tiny bit so that throws an extra bone in the mix.

Might get better prints if you changed that fillet to a chamfer with an easily printable angle? Totally understand if you don’t want to bother, not like the artifacts are bad enough to matter and I’m sure it’s less of a problem with normal layer heights and nozzle sizes.

I absolutely love my Volcano and set of big nozzles. it’s fantastic to slice a big object at .4 nozzle, be like “ugh xx hours”, swap nozzles and change a few settings, reslice and I’m at xx/~4 hours (obviously varies a lot but you get the point.) If we can figure the hole size issue out this hotend might really be worth it for you depending on your production rate/etc.

Regarding speeds- I haven’t done testing to determine my layer adhesion, is there a method you use for this or just a “feel it out” kind of thing? Sometimes I break parts for fun and the stuff I’ve printed with the big nozzles at those speeds is at least as strong as my more standard stuff, probably stronger.

You’ve inadvertently set me on a conduit building spree, what a fantastic light duty structural material! You really can’t beat it for value @ $3.40/10 ft. I’m currently working on a floor standing triple monitor stand for sim racing, the cheapest commercially available solution is ~$180 + shipping. This project should only cost me about $20-30 and will replace a sagging plywood/2×4 POS which got designed as it was built. If things go well I might offer a refined version to that community as a set of brackets a la your printed parts kit. I’m building a library of various brackets, once I’ve got a lot of options it will be so easy to just print the brackets I need for whatever and cut tubing to length for various projects. I’m thinking workbenches, shelving, etc. The Volcano really shines in this department, putting out ugly but strong parts in ~1/4 the time a standard printer would.

I don’t have any video of me running larger nozzles, I’ll shoot a bit though and post here when I do.

While I’ve got your attention, regarding software- I’m in a CAM class right now (college student) where we will be using MasterCAM x8. Can I expect to use this software with the MPCNC easily, assuming I have access to a license? It’d be great to use the same software I am for school with this. Not sure whether CNC’s and CAM programs go together as easily as printers and slicer/host programs, my CNC experience is limited to a bit of high school stuff a few years ago and I can’t even remember what program I was running.