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I solved my problem by making a change in the Marlin file. I am currently using Marlin_16_32_090615_therm

I made all the adjustments as lited on your page, but i had to tweek one line. Changed my z feedrate from 8.7 to 4.

Original #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {195, 195, 8.7, 25}
adjusted #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {195, 195, 4, 25} // (mm/sec)

If anyone is having problems with hearing a stuttering sound when lifting the Z axis this might be the fix for you. Same issue if each line of your print job is lower than the first.

The beta would probably have worked too (with the same adjustment as above) , might test that in a few days but for now I am really happy with the results I am getting so I am not rushing into more changes.