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Hi !

Thank you for your answers ! My 3D printer is running again !! Let’s print the rest of this parts !! Pictures are coming !

@karl : Thank’s for your Welcome ! Yes i think i will enjoy so much this machine from hell ! 🙂 I already saw your 3D files and download it to print them asap ! Nice work ! No problem during the milling ? Did you ever try to cut some aluminium with those parts ? I will try and keep you in touch !

@Vicious : Thank you for your answer and for this very good job again ! Yes it’s not on my plans to use it as 3D printer but as CNC for wood&alu/Laser engraver/carton cutter !!
Ok i see what you mean about size, so i will do a 50 cm x 50 cm for aluminium cutting and keep enough tube, extra belt and wire to transform it to 107 cm x 90 cm for wood cutting !
Let’s do a “Modulable MPCNC Multi-tool” !

@fredaldeb : Salut ! I’m waiting your pictures to see your amazing machine too ! 🙂 Yes we must do a “French MPCNC Team” in this forum to help all the new french addict to find stuff and other ! I will open a new post in the International part of the forum, to have a spot to talk with frenchies too ! 🙂 Let’s see if there is other french addicts here !

See you soon guys ! And keep milling and share ! 🙂