Reply To: Clip On Z Tower Connections Mount



Here’s an update on my connections mount and some other stuff. I finally got my 4 pin XLRs in, so I put one on the connections mount. I had already printed one out with a place for a molex connector, so I made an adapter that clipped into the molex slot and held the XLR connector instead. I also installed an RJ45 plug for connecting an extruder head.
Z tower with connector mount, XLR, laser with shield
I added an XLR plug to the laser, and also made a simple laser shield holder that clips on the laser mount. I ran an 18-4 cable from the XLR on the tower down to the control panel. I created a box to hold my LCD and laser driver. I kept the LCD in the same case I’ve been using, just removed the legs and mounted it in the new box. The new box is not fancy, but it does keep things nice and neat.
Z tower and control panel
The laser output goes to a DPDT switch. If the switch is up, the output is routed to the laser. If the switch is down, the output is routed to two test jacks, to make it easy to connect a multimeter to set the driver output. The control box connects to the laser XLR plug, and to the ramps box (for the laser signals) through a JST plug.
Control panel
Here’s a shot of the back of the control box, before I hooked up the XLR.
Control box back
Here’s the completed box with the XLR mounted.
Control back
Oh, one other thing I made was a bracket to hold universal mount tools. Here it is with the DW660 and laser. Next up – foam cutter!