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Dave C.

Finally got to the fun part of this build and got my MPCNC to actually move. Had a few mis-steps at first, but after some tinkering it worked out in the end.

My first hiccup was that the upper connector for the Dewalt does not seem to want to close completely. So, in an effort to prevent it from breaking I have one of the bolts just holding in there by itself w/ no nut on the end.

Next, I could not seem to get the correct GCode generated in EstlCam. I followed the walkthrough and still got nothing. The time in Repetier said 45 seconds to complete. I downloaded a Celtic knot to carve. All that I would get is the bit drilled a hole down in the same spot and that is it.

Finally, after downloading GCode from the walktrough, I was able to get the MPCNC to do its thing. When I did so, the carving was a mirror image of what it was supposed to be. In addition to that, there was a part of the carving missing. It was as if that section of the wood was lower than the other.

Turns out, I had the X-axis reversed. Once I switched it all around the carving came out perfect.

Here is a link to the video of the third and final “first cut”.